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Out of status and winning from DV lottery

Chicago, IL |

I would like to know why lawyers cant agree on the statement that someone couldn't get a GC via Consulate Processing if they have overstayed their visa stamped with "D/S"?. Some say that you could trigger the 3-year or 10 -year bar and some other that you may obtain it via Consulate Processing ( I guess it would be very difficult)?

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  1. There is no way to answer your question. Lawyers probably can't agree because you did not furnish a the facts.

  2. The reason lawyers can't agree on this venue is that some have more experience than others and the vagaries of governmental decisions results in quite opposite opinion at times.

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  3. Generally speaking, an alien who is admitted for duration of status (D/S) and fails to maintain lawful nonimmigrant status does not accrue unlawful presence in the U.S. except under limited circumstances. Whether those circumstances are applicable to you will depend upon the specific facts of your case.

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  4. D/S students are a 'unique' creature and therefore, as Mr. Devore (with whom I agree) stated, not all lawyers know about this obscure provision.

    Note Example #3

    The DOS has a similar interpretation. Note paragraph #d

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  5. You talking abstract lawyers and abstract ostensible disagreement they have over this issue. This "disagreement" only exists in your head. There cannot be any disagreement on the subject as clear as this one unless you are not talking to immigration lawyers but notarios or "travel agency" or some other non-lawyers you call "lawyers". The questions consists of two subparts. 1. When D/S designation actually renders you out of status. 2. Can you seek consulate processing on a DV win if you are out of status. First question is important because the correct answer to it predicates the answer to the second question. D/S status bearer is out of status when SEVIS is terminated by the school so that USCIS determines you are out of status. If you are out of status for longer than 6 months, you are inadmissible for 3 years. 365 days overstay renders you inadmissible for 10 years. Hence, you cannot consulate process your DV in either circumstances. If you overstayed for less than 6 months, the consulate will most likely deny your DV based immigrant visa anyway. This time on discretionary grounds.

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