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Out of State Parent-rights regarding Visitation, Spousal & Child Support

I have a Pendent lite order in place for SS, CS & Vistation. Its 1600/month & standard visitation. W/my support her income is 4k a month (recv's SS stress disorder) I lost my job & my living situation fell apart. Due to this I had to move out of state & live w/a parent. I advised the courts, gave my new contact info, & stated I will notify them when I have job. I have not missed a payment. My STBX is very upset that I moved & will not allow me to speak to my kids(I advised her & the kids about the move prior) also part of the support w/for the mortgage payment, which she has not paid in 10 months (loan in my name) She stated she used that money to give the kids a better life & help her deal. She says she's broke & is worried if I dont find a job. What are my rights? I cant afford a lawyer

Orlando, FL -

Attorney Answers (1)

Jason Brian Phillips

Jason Brian Phillips

Family Law Attorney - Orlando, FL

The fact that you moved out-of-state complicates things a bit. I suggest that you consult with an attorney, such as myself, to help establish your rights. I have worked with out of state clients to come up with a plan in situations such as yours.

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