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Out-of-state NY parking ticket--how to proceed?

Springville, NY |

I'm a VA resident who received a speeding ticket in Eerie County, NY for going 87 in a 65 mph zone on Hwy 219. This is my first traffic infraction, and I'm not sure how to proceed. The officer provided little instruction--he pointed out the address on the ticket and said I needed to mail it there, but that's all. I see that I'll probably get 6 points on my license, and a very sturdy fine, and I'm worried. When he said I was going 87 and asked if I had an explanation, I said that it was an accident (I did not admit to going that speed, only said exactly that: "It was an accident.").

The infraction was completely unintentional, due to driver's fatigue; it won't be repeated, and I would like to pay as low a fine as possible and avoid insurance hike. How should I proceed?

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We recommend hiring a New York traffic lawyer to defend you. I expect that we can get this case reduced to a lesser charge to avoid an insurance hike and that we can save you the $300 Driver Assessment Fee.

Points from New York do transfer to your Virginia license so it is definitely worth fighting. See the following link:

You won't have to come back to New York as we can handle for you.

Feel free to call me at 212-683-7373 or email me at to discuss further.


Matthew Weiss

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