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Out of state dwi NY/NJ

Bronx, NY |

Hi, I'm licensed in NY. 4 1/2 years ago I recieved a NY DWI conviction. It was a refusal pleaded to DWI. 2 months ago I recieved 3 NJ tickets for DWI, Refusal and careless driving. NJ willing to drop refusal and careless driving for DWI guilty plead.

1. Since 1st offense in NY was a refusal, does NJ recognize the refusal as a prior for sentencing purposes? Can they miss it all together?

2. Likewise does NY recognize out of state refusals for license suspension?

3. What are the chances of NY not doing nothing or finding out about NJ conviction?

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We need more information about you and your situation in order to fully answer your question. If you are over 21, your New York Driver's license will be suspended for six months upon your conviction in New Jersey for Driving while Intoxicated. You also need to be aware that this New Jersey conviction can now potentially be used as a predicate conviction for a felony DWI charge in New York if you have the misfortune of being arrested for DWI in New York in the future.

Rest assured that the NY DMV will find out about your NJ conviction and will promptly suspend your NY license. Please follow the link below to the NY DMV website and you will be provided with the information you need to have regarding the consequences of a NJ conviction.

Finally, speak with your NJ attorney regarding the consequences of your prior NY conviction
Good Luck

Mike Greenspan

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