Our recent 'offer in compromise' to BOE (in CA) has been denied. Can we appeal? Would (personal) bankruptcy resolve lien?

We recently submitted an 'offer in compromise' to California Board of Equalization for the corporation that failed several years ago, and is now our personal responsibility to pay back, but we have only $300/mo. income (basic living is supported by my grown up child but not sure for how much longer he'll be able to support us) and living on food stamp and healthy way LA as our health condition is not so great either. So we were really hoping that our OIC would be accepted but since it's denied and they're asking us to pay in full, we really can't and want to know if we can appeal. If not, then we heard it'll go to collection, but we have no assets (just 2 old cars that we're using. We'll be fililng for a personal bankruptcy soon..would that resolve this collectio/debt/lien? Please advise..

Los Angeles, CA -

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Phillip Monroe Smith

Phillip Monroe Smith

Tax Lawyer - Culver City, CA

Bankuptcy is a possible option. You need to consult with a bankruptcy practitioner to determine if you qualify for bankruptcy, and provide the attorney with the relevant documents of your tax liablity as well as your other debts. You may not be able to discharge your tax debt if you have a lot of credit card debt.

There is an appeal process with the BOE. You may not have offered enough because of your limited resources which is why your Offer was denied. This means your appeal would also be denied. See BOE Publication 17 for the appeal procedure.

Good luck!
Phillip M. Smith Jr.
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Curtis Lamar Harrington Jr

Curtis Lamar Harrington Jr

Tax Lawyer - Long Beach, CA

Don't forget that there are state exemptions that operate as a threshold as well. In some cases, depending upon how much of other assets you have and what the source of your income is; what if you are living below the exemption level? What if you are judgement proof?

BOE may not think so, but has a collectibility analysis been computed?

BOE is a hard case for sure.

Have the analysis done by a bankruptcy attorney who knows tax.

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