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Our neighbor's have three vicious dogs that are chewing through the fence.

Greeley, CO |

Our neighbors have three vicious dogs that are chewing their way through the fence between our properties. We are not on good terms with these people and even though the damage is obvious, they will not repair or replace the fence. What can we do? Can we bill her insurance to fix the fence? If the dogs get into the yard and try to attack someone what repercussion would pepper spraying or using lethal force on the dogs have? Shooting the animals would be a last resort, but I have three little kids, dogs, and even chickens, and these animals are capable of killing any of them. In Greeley, the cops and codes would likely just use this as an opportunity to fine us for having chickens. Because revenue is more important than public safety here.

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  1. Simply put up a barrier where the dogs are chewing. Put is up on YOUR side and be done with this worry.

  2. Put up a section of fence on your land then

  3. You can use reasonable force to stop any attack on your property. Usually, discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood is a terrible idea, but you could do it to save a life. Non-lethal force would be much better. You can hire a contractor to fix/erect a new fence. You can also have a lawyer send a legal letter to these neighbors about the fence and their dogs' aggressive behavior. The lawyer can advise if a lawsuit would be a good idea. You should report the dogs' aggressive behavior as well as any barking to both Animal Control (which is the County) and the City as they will open files on the animals, and if they have a history, they can be confiscated. Report each time.

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