Our landlord has not repaired our dishwasher in 20 days. What legal actions against them are we able to take?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Oakland, CA

The apartment manager came by unannounced on 4/12/13 with a contractor to look into some water damage outside our unit. They asked to enter our unit to further search for the cause of the leak. Once inside the contractor determined that the dishwasher was causing the leak and we were told not to use it. He said he would return in 2-3 days to replace it. Despite multiple phone calls and text messages, we have received very little, very vague responses from building management as to when it will be replaced. All they say is "soon, it will e fixed soon." This is following 2 weeks to replace the tub handle (our tub was not usable during that time) which took 5 minutes to fix once they finally came back. No specific response was given for the delay despite our frequent calls and text messages.

Attorney answers (2)

  1. Answered . Writ to the landlord advising that if the dishwasher is not repaired very soon (provide a specific date) that you will retain a repairman and deduct the cost from next month's rent. Be sure to include a copy of the receipt with your rent payment.

  2. Answered . Mr. Spitters is correct: you have a repair and deduct situaion. However, there is a specific code section that allows you to repair and deduct. It imposes some conditions and limitations, so be sure to talk to an attorney about this before trying to the problem.

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