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Our dog bite a 3yr old child, parents have filed a claim with our home insurance and retained an attorney, what is our next step

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About a month ago we were having friends over for a BBQ. I was out of the house and my husband was home when his friends showed up with their 3 yr old girl. The mother proceeded to take her daughter out back without my husband and moments later came in screaming the dog bite the child. Our 2 yr old dog bite the child, once a believe, and then stopped. She was stiched up and returned home the same night. My husband went over to their house a few days later to give the girl a stuff animal and check on her, also provided parents with insurance info to open a claim. The mother of the child stated the dog growled at the child a week before when they were over and the girl was playing with him but never mentioned this till now. They have retained an attorney and openned a claim.

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You should submit the claim to your insurance. If your insurance covers this type of a claim, your insurance will handle the claim on your behalf. You should provide all relevant information to your insurance to assist with the defense. If the claim is not covered you will need to consult with a defense attorney that handles dog bite cases.

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Claim has already been filed with our insurance, should we have any contact with the parents? they have been friends with my husband for many years

Mariam Mary Margaryan

Mariam Mary Margaryan


It would best serve both sides not to be in contact until the case is resolved.


Report this to your homeowner's carrier asap.

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If you have reported this matter to your carrier, and forwarded the letter from the attorney to your insurance company, that is all you need to do. Your insurance company will adjust the claim unless it is excluded by the terms of your policy. Good luck.

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If the claim is open, your insurance company or their attorneys will let you know what if anything you need to do.


Dear Poster,

I am sorry this has happened to you. Do you have Homeowners' insurance? If so, let them know right away. They may be able to hire a lawyer and defend you. Otherwise, you will need to get an affordable defense attorney to assist you in this respect, and defend you from the claims.

I represent individuals and families defense cases - as so many lawyers on Avvo. Feel free to follow up with any of us for assistance.

Take care, and I am sorry this has happened to you.


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Let your homeowner's insurance carrier resolve it


These are always difficult situations on a personal level, inasmuch as you may potentially be sued by a friend.

Just be sure to cooperate with your insurer with any questions they have for you. Obviously, notify them if you haven't done so already.

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