Our CA landlord doesn't want to fix the sliding glass door that keeps sticking. Who's responsible for repairing it, us or him?

We have been renting a home for 2 yrs now. My husband asked our landlord about fixing the sliding glass door because it's difficult to open and gets stuck. It's becoming more & more difficult to open and one time when it stopped abruptly I hurt my forearm which is now swollen. We told him about it a month ago and he said he would look into it, but now he's not interested and said it wasn't that way before and couldn't we just put wax on the bottom. He recently gave us 60 day's notice because he decided to sell his home and now he's not being cooperative at all. Should he fix it, especially since I already hurt my arm? Or do we have to fix it?

Temecula, CA -

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Laurence Louis Spitters Jr

Laurence Louis Spitters Jr

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - San Jose, CA

If the door does not work because it is old, and suffers from ordinary wear, the landlord mut fix it. If the door has been damages since you moved in, you are required to fix it. If the landlord refuses to honor the repair obligation, you should write to the landlord explaining that if the door is not repaired shortly (provide a date; 5-10 days is reasonable), then you will retain a repairman and deduct the repair costs from next month's rent. Be sure to include a copy of the receipt with your rent payment

Evan Andrew Gould

Evan Andrew Gould

Employment / Labor Attorney - San Diego, CA

See the information at the following link.
Repair and deduct at your own risk. Remember, your LL holds your deposit. It seems the wiser course may be to tough it out for the balance of your 60 day tenancy.

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