Other options for 1st offense of possession of marijuana?

Asked over 1 year ago - Chesapeake, VA

I am from northern Virginia where I have had plenty of friends who instead of doing the first offenders program had their lawyers make and alternate deal with the prosecutor to get the case dismissed. One friend did 100 hours of community service and took a drug class. I've heard that every jurisdiction is different when it comes to what prosecutors will typically do. I got my first possession charge in Chesapeake, Virginia and I was wondering if anyone has made a similar deal or can refer me to someone who has or can make something like this happen if it's even possible ?

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    Answered . Well, as you yourself pointed out, your friends all had lawyers to make their deals. You should consult with a local attorney regarding the charges and circumstances. I'll tell you that Virginia Beach and Chesapeake are the toughest jurisdictions for criminal cases in South Hampton Roads. You are not going to get a prosecutor or police officer to give you any deal without hiring an attorney to broker it, and then it's still a tough case.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . In Chesapeake, the Commonwealth's Attorney normally do not prosecute possession of marijuana cases in General District Court. The judges that I go before use First Offender if the facts merit a conviction. However, there are very few absolutes in discussing criminal dispositions. If there was some compelling reason to justify an alternative then most judges would consider it.

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    Answered . Every jurisdiction handles matters differently. Before you consider your options regarding a plea, it is important to find out whether a plea is even necessary. Meet with some local criminal defense attorneys to discuss you case. Many offer free consultations.

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    Answered . Hire a competent criminal defense attorney to review the facts, your prior criminal record and negotiate for you.

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