Oregon question re: receiver appointed in divorce case. want to verify what receiver is asking for is even legal.

Asked over 1 year ago - Portland, OR

how would one go about finding out about a receiver appointed in a family law case. called the bar assoc. & judicial commission, neither one knew. also asked family law attorney involved who didn't know.
i'm trying to find out whether a receiver appointed in this matter, who is asking for something very unheard of & in my opinion & everyone i've spoken w/in the legal arena, flat out wrong. are there any type of rules, regulations, laws or ethics a receiver has to abide by? is there an organization that oversees their conduct? any ways to find out if a receiver has ever done something unlawful, unethical or had complaints made against them? if not, what type of lawyer would one call to consult to ask questions? afraid of property being stolen, damaged. there's a lot at stake.

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  1. Sean Michael Patrick

    Contributor Level 16

    Answered . The receiver is an agent of the court. If you disagree with what he is asking for, you can make a motion to the court to object and/or limit the scope of the request. As far as background information, you can hire an investigator, but generally, in my experience, a court will not appoint a receiver without some knowledge of their skills, qualifications and past ethical behavior. I would recommend consulting with a family law attorney to protect your rights.

    I am licensed in California, therefore, my answers are based on general prinicpals of law or California law, which... more

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