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Asked about 5 years ago - Portland, OR

I got a DUII in oregon and am almost done with the diversion program I have a few weeks left of the classes, I still have several months before the year is up, I wanted to know just incase if after being done with the classes where there are no more UA tests if it is ok to drink as long as there is no driving involved such as having a beer at my house or something, I am also on a 18 month bench probation that says to follow the diversion rules.

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  1. Edward T LeClaire

    Contributor Level 9

    Answered . Your diversion agreement is set by law. Part of the agreement requires you to complete treatment, which requires sobriety and proof. Once you have a certificate of successful completion, you can have alcohol.

    Without reading the terms of your bench probation, it is not possible to tell what was written in the terms.

    You would do best to call and check with your attorney. He or she will have all the paperwork and be able to tell you about your county's local rules and interpretations.

  2. Julie A Roseman

    Contributor Level 6

    Answered . I am a california Attorney, but your question seems to be a basic one. Mainly, you have to comply with the provisions set forth in Diversion. You must also comply with the rules that Probation has set forth. If Diversion says you are to abstain from alcohol use, that means you can not drink anything regardless of whether you are testing or not. If however diversion's rules state do not state any restrictions for the consumption of alcohol after you have completed the testing portion of the program, (and probation does not have any restrictions on drinking), then you should be able to consume "a beer at your house or something". The easiest way to find out, is to simply call your contact at Diversion ( and also call Probation), and ask them if you are allowed to drink after testing is complete and find out exactly what the alcohol consumption rules are.

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