Order of protection and my child visitations

the mother of my child got a Order of protection the same day i put a motion for change from sole custody to join custody, the Order of protection is in bad faith, how i can talk to the judge and explain this? also is not illegal if was an agreement by court? how this can affect me on my future visitations?

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Judy A. Goldstein

Judy A. Goldstein

Domestic Violence Lawyer - Mokena, IL

You need a lawyer. The OP should be consolidated into the custody case , provided they are in the same county, and even possibly if they are not. You are in over your head, however. Hire a good lawyer.

Gary L. Schlesinger

Gary L. Schlesinger

Family Law Attorney - Libertyville, IL

you dont get to just talk to the judge. you should get a lawyer. do a response to the petition for op. do a motion to consolidate the op and your custody motion. do a notice for a quick hearing on the op. do a motion to excuse mediation. do a motion to reinstate your parenting time. do a motion to appoint a gal or child representative.

get a lawyer. you cannot do this alone. we cannot do your job. you cannot do ours.

Wes Cowell

Wes Cowell

Domestic Violence Lawyer - Chicago, IL

Hire a lawyer -- we're talking about your KID,here. Don't try to wing it on your own.

How can you talk to the judge? Show up at your hearing -- the judge will be there and you'll have a chance to talk. Be sure to hire a lawyer, first.

I can't understand the rest of your question.

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Henry Lebensbaum

Henry Lebensbaum

Family Law Attorney - Andover, MA

This is complex; you need an attorney.

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