Opening a business in Suffolk County NY

What do you need to open a business In Suffolk County? Permit and license wise? Thank you.

Lindenhurst, NY -

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Eric Edward Rothstein

Eric Edward Rothstein

Criminal Defense Attorney - New York, NY

I imagine it depends on what type of business you are opening. It makes sense to consult a local lawyer who handles opening businseses as mistakes can be costly.

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Anne Marie R. Segal

Anne Marie R. Segal

Business Attorney - Stamford, CT

I agree with my colleague. More information is needed to answer this question, and you want to make sure to get very specific answers from an attorney with whom you have a relationship so he or she can get enough information to give you the correct advice and avoid potentially costly mistakes.

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Marcin P. Zola

Marcin P. Zola

Business Attorney - New York, NY

Without greater detail on your business it is impossible to answer your question. Permits and licenses usually depend on the industry in which the business operates. Certain industries are heavily regulated by state or municipal laws. Additionally there are multiple types of business structures that require additional permits and licenses to operate legally.

Two examples:
1) Home businesses often need approval from the city/town zoning board in order to operate legally.
2) Not everybody can open up a law practice. You need to hold a special license from New York State to operate or own a law practice.

I suggest you visit the New York State Department of State website and look at the resources that are available to new small business owners.

Additionally, you should at least schedule a free consultation with a Business Lawyer. Most business lawyers, including myself, offer free consultations. As helpful as the internet is, sometimes there is no substitute for a professional.

Good luck with your business.

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