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Only I was laid off by AARP when my group was restructured. The explanation that I was given is not true. Can I sue?

Washington, DC |

I am the only black person of 4 in Corp Relations Group. When the group was dissolved and the function was transferred to another dept, only I was laid off when all others - white females - were allowed to stay. I was initially told I was be transferred with the function. Then I was told this was no place for me in the new dept or in my current dept. A new position, Corp Relationship Director, was posted that is very close to mine - which was Corp. Relations Mgr. This is proof that the need for my job tasks still exists and my position did not become obsolete. I could have been transferred into this postilion as promised. I suspect racial and sexual discrimination. A temp contractor - white male - who worked for my group was hired by the dept that eliminated my job.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Your facts are interesting and do raise a colourable claim for discrimination; the courts have generally viewed suspicious timing and facts as this, as raising a probable claim under Title VII. It would be nice to know however how long you were employed at AARP, what are the qualifications of this other person that replaced you. Perhaps you contact my office for additional information.

    Naturally, I am also hoping that upon termination you did not sign any severance agreement, which almost always contains a clause that waives all your rights to sue your employer under Title VII and other employment and discrimination laws.

    Finally, you also need to file a claim w/the EEOC w/in 300 days of termination. Again contact my office so we can further discuss this.