One of my driver rear end the other car. I got served. Who are auto accident defense attorney can represent my business & me?

Asked over 1 year ago - San Diego, CA

Since my insurance company is not a competent one so they did nothing regarding the case even I let them know that there is a lawsuit against my company back in June and now I am been served. I need a defense attorney who can represent my business and me to deal with my insurance company and to deal with the plantiff's attorney.

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    Answered . You send it to your insurance company. They have a duty to defend. They assign it to lawyers who have a contract with them to defend these things. If you do not turn it over to your insurance company and cooperate, your insurance company has no duty to pay damages when you lose the case. The attorneys make money by defending the case. You only need a private attorney if the insurance company refuses to defend. If that happens, then you need a private attorney immediately who can defend you and sue your company for bad faith.

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    Answered . If you have sent the lawsuit to your insurance company, and they refuse to defend you, they must have a reason. If the reason is valid, you need to have your own attorney represent you. Most of us here in San Diego who do these cases will speak with you on the phone at no cost for a free consultation.

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    Answered . If you desire independent counsel, use Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool.

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    Answered . send the lawsuit to your insurance carrier via facsimile and certified mail. they should forward to a defense counsel for you. If they have sent you a reservations of rights or denial of coverage you must consult independent counsel. As suggested you should be able to locate competent counsel here on AVVO

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    Answered . Send it to your carrier, they will provide you with a defense.

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    Answered . You have the right to retain your own attorney, but defending a civil suit usually requires an hourly fee, rather than a contingency retainer.

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