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Once the property has been sold in a foreclosure,what are the procedures and how long do I have to vacate the property?

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Do I have any rights to request more time from the court after the sale?

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After a valid sale, there is a 10 day period before the sale is confirmed and the certificate of title issued to the new owner. From that point forward, the new owner can cause a Writ of Possession to be issued, which, when served by the Sheriff, gives you 24 hours to vacate.

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The clerk has to wait until the 11th day after the sale to then issue a certificate of title. The sheriff might take a day or two to deliver a writ of possession. If you do not vacate within the time allotted, you may lose your personal property at the house.

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What if you are 100 percent disabled and just awarded disability and I have three grandchildren ages 3 and twins that are five and then I just was granted 100 percernt disability and I asked for sixty days just to short sale until i can get my money but also this would facilitate a 3 thousand dollar cash for keys so my daughter could find a place I am not worried about myself but i am for her children due to school and the changes they will have to make i was going to try to file chapter 13 but i could not afford 975 a month theat was all i received monthly to live on so i could not do it and i also at the time i was in default offered the 9 grand two weeks after default and the bank would not take it, i am going ot have a hard time moving since i have no money until my first disability check comes I am physcially and also have some psychological problems that I am currently dealing with some have been long term such as my mom was mjurdered and i witnessed the murder and also going through a current divorce and this is quite stressful not to mention a son whom recently went into rehab and the list goes on enot trying to have pity but i would think that it could be more reasonable my grandkids and daughter are my main concern and my daugher gets no help from the children's dad and has no money to move and we were trying to short sale it i have no money for an attorney at this point and i guess i will do the best I can within this ten day period i wonder if the buyer would be opposed to me renting for one month til i can get it together, there has been no money and i have been unable to relocate. The real estate man told me i had ten days to pettition the judge once again and explain the whole situation, it has been a long time due to the changing of the bank but i have gone through some severe depression and have documnetion of this problem but the judge still denied my extension, when I talked with the bank not one person could help me in this process to try to get it refinanced etc, i dont know what I am going to do, and I need help Any suggestions it was sold to a company named McCoy properties I think or Coy properties,???

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