Once my record is sealed how long does it take until its appears on my CORI,also can a potential employer tell its been sealed

Asked almost 2 years ago - Framingham, MA

Once my record is sealed, how long does it take for that information to become aviable on my CORI? Meaning once its sealed is everything off my record or is there a wait? Also I was wondering if a potential employer can tell if my record has been sealed, I understand if you are working with children or in assited living they can access but im talking about a regular job?

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    Answered . Once your record is sealed, your CORI should be updated immediately by the probation department. There is no legal reason not to have your criminal record sealed so, if you can do it, sealing your record is nearly always a good idea. Most people will benefit from sealing convictions under §100A, or by sealing records of dismissed cases, acquittals, nolle prosequi cases, and cases where no probable cause was found, under G.L. c. 276, §100C. If your record is sealed and you apply for most jobs or housing, then the sealed record will not appear on your CORI report. In the past, the Criminal History Systems Board (“CHSB”) would note on a CORI that the individual had at least one sealed record on file. However, this practice was illegal and it should no longer happen. The CORI should contain no indication that there are sealed records. If an individual has had the entire record sealed, the CHSB should send a report that says there are “no adult criminal records on file.” Sealing your criminal record will not arouse suspicion or create a “red flag,” since nobody except the police, law enforcement agencies, certain other government agencies, and a very few employers will be able to tell that there are sealed records on file.

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    Answered . It is sealed by the Commissioner of Probate or a Court through an appeal, it should be effective that day.

    The CORI law was amended in 2010 through a reform which, in part, was last effective in May of 2012. It has made it clear that employers will be told "no record" once your record is sealed instead of being told that it is "sealed". The law also expanded the arena of who could get their record sealed. This provides a great benefit to sealing one's record.

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