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Once my home has been foreclosed and auctioned off, how long do i have to stay in my home before i am evicted in Nevada?

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I am living in my home which was sold at auction on 1/17. I received all necessary documents notifying me of the coming foreclosure. The new owner came over that with a document notifying me of the sale and that I had 3 days before eviction proceedings could begin. How long can I expect to be able to stay in the property?

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Eviction can seem like a complicated process. It usually starts with an informal 48 hour notice and if you don't move during the 48 hours, the new owner can sue you for an unlawful detainer, commonly called eviction. Once your receive this unlawful detainer notice, you need to respond to the Justice Court right away. The self help center at the courthouse on Lewis & 4th Street will be able to assist you. Provided you file a response, a court date will be scheduled and you can appear in front of the judge. If no response is filed, the court will grant the new owner the right to an eviction and you will have to leave within days or law enforcement will lock you out. OUCH!

Provided you show up in court and explain that you need more time to move, the Court will usually grant you 30 days to find a new place and get out. If you offer to pay rent, the Court may even give you more time, provided you actually pay the rent money to the new owner. But you are not legally entitled to this privilege, so I cannot stress how important it is to show up on time to court & to be polite to both the judge and the new owner. Hope this perspective helps!

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