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Once a case is settled involving a premise liability/theme park ride issue can you push for more money

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I settled for an amount that was no where near the amount my Lawyer demanded or should've received. Instead, the settled amount only covered medical bills and lawyer fees which left me with little to nothing. I signed the papers last week but my Lawyer's assistant said they are trying to reduce one more bill so that I can receive an additional $600 we'd split totaling $900 in my pocket. I feel that lack of assistance/instructions from my Lawyer it really hurt my case when it came to referrals needed for treatment etc. This is one of the main reasons my Attorney did not want to push for abritration. Is there any thing I can do at this point after signing my life away?

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No, the time for a second opinion was unfortunately before you agreed to settle.


After you've signed is too late


Should have retained a good lawyer. Too late now.


Unfortunately, there probably isn't much you can do once you've agreed to the settlement amount.

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It is too late at this point to do anything about the settlement.


My colleagues are correct -- once you have signed a settlement agreement and release, there is no way to get more money from the person or entity who caused the injury. HOWEVER, if you have not yet signed a distribution agreement with your attorney (and it sounds like that may be the case if medical bills are still being negotiated), then you can certainly attempt to negotiate something with your attorney and/or your medical providers to put more money in your pocket.

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