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On the CIV-110 form,UNLAWFUL DETAINER case what does it mean when the court dismisses an action and boxes 1a2 & 1b5 are checked?

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On the REQUEST 4 DISMISSAL form the boxes above which read "Without prejudice" & Entire action of all parties and all causes of action".

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    The plaintiff is voluntarily dismissing the entire case against all defendants. "Without prejudice" means that the plaintiff can refile the same case again against one or more of the same defendants (so long as not barred by the statute of limitations). In other words, the eviction is over, for now.

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  2. Pltf has decided for the time being to drop the case. you might be able to argue for costs as the prevaing party.

  3. A dismissal without prejudice means that the case has been dismissed but that it may be re-filed so long as it not now time barred.

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