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I was granted disability benefits this past week, however I applied 8 years ago with the same mental health disability, medications, behavior ect. The ssi agent called me and told me that they are only going back 12 months, which is so wrong. I applied first in 2001 or 2002 and was denied every time until this past week. How do I go about appealing the examiners onset date and collect the money that is owed to me?

Boise, ID -

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Paula Brown Sinclair

Paula Brown Sinclair

Social Security Lawyers - Twin Falls, ID

Unless your prior denials are formally "reopened," the onset date now found will control. Reopening is only allowed under certain limited circumstances, and will not be successful without strong evidence of the severity of your disability during prior time periods. Without reopening, the law is clear that the earliest onset date will be the day after your last denial on your last application. On the present application, the law allows only 12 months in retroactive benefits. When the 5-month "waiting period" is tacked on, the earliest relevant onset date for pay status is 17 months prior to the application date.

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Clifford Michael Farrell

Clifford Michael Farrell

Social Security Lawyers - Columbus, OH

My colleague is correct, but I add one thing. On SSDI claims, no old application more than 4 years old can be reopened under any circumstance; on SSI it is only 2 years. So, by law, your old claims from 8 years cannot be reopened under any circumstance whatsoever.

so, it sounds like you have gotten the maximum benefits still available to you.

Best of luck - and congratulations.

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Andrew W. Norfleet

Andrew W. Norfleet

Social Security Lawyers - Lemoyne, PA

Attorney Sinclair and Attorney Farrell are correct in their very fine answers.

Congratulations on your award. If you would like to discuss your case further, please use the "find a lawyer" feature listed above or visit www.nosscr.org.

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