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On second DUI within 7 years in the state of California, can you have full driving privilige restored...

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after 90 days when an IID is installed, and before you complete the 18 month dui class? In other words, if the IID is installed can one drive as one pleases, or will the license be restricted (to and from work, court ordered lcohol classes)? Thank you!

I should add, neither DUI arrest took place in any of the pilot counties. Thank you.

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The IID license on a 2nd DUI restricts driving to and from work, while working, and to and from DUI Classes. This is after you go 90 days without driving.


It is my understanding that it will give you a work restricted license (ie. work and alcohol classes). Under a different statute (a pilot program in 4 counties) the DMV has allowed driving with no work restriction after installing an IID per VC 23700. As I mentioned, this is a different statute (a mandatory IID) as opposed to the statute you are referring to. When you get the IID, the DMV will notify you what the limits to the restriction are. You can also check with the Mandatory Action Unit in Sacramento. I will actually be calling myself to see what their answer is on this. Although I believe it remains a work restriction, we may be pleasantly surprised.


It would be a restricted license after 90 days. You are eligible for a non restricted license after 2 years. This program is for the entire state of California. The pilot program that you mention simply requires everyone convicted of a DUI (1st, 2nd, 3 rd) to install a IID for a certain amount of time.
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