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On home arrest in Florida with an ankle monitor. Can I go to doctor's appointments and needed evaluations?

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I was released on bond at first appearance with the conditions of wearing an ankle GPS monitor. I was instructed to go only to work and home. While at home, I can not leave until I go to work the next morning. I am to follow the same route to work. No other activities ie. No shopping, no walking outside, no church, etc.

What about Doctor's appointments? I need to also do a substance abuse evaluation and a psych exam. I am on some medications where I see a doctor every three months (The next is in 8 days) and I have a sceduled benign cancer treatment appointment in two weeks.

Can the state legally prevent this or revoke my bond if I go to the appointments? Are there an statutes pertaining to this?

Any knowledge on this would be very helpful. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the help. Will the judge or State prosecutor have to approve the appointments? Can the electronic monitoring service approve them?

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In most cases you will be allowed to keep necessary medical appointments, however, you cannot just go. The Judge should have been told about these appointments and health issues when you were put on house arrest. You need to speak with your supervisor and get permission in advance to go. If you just go, you will likely be arrested and kept in jail. Call your attorney for help if you need it or get an attorney if you do not have one. Good Luck.

Although AVVO answers provide a starting point, nothing replaces the opinion of a qualified DUI defense attorney knowledgable about the Judges and prosecutors near you. You should consult a local lawyer for legal advice.

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Contact pretrial and get permission. If there is a problem ask your public defender to set a hearing.

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Yes, you should be able to go without any problem, but always let your bondsman or PO know why you are leaving.

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