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On court probation search and seizure . Just received DUI , what will be the outcome

San Carlos, CA |

I have been on court probation for about a year now never had any problems or contact with probation officer , don't think I was even assigned a probation officer. Just got a DUI last night and was taken to a drunk tank for the night , what are the chances of me not doing jail time and possibly getting swp or community service . My original offense was assault not related to drugs or alcohol . I currently am working and going to school so I need to stay out

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  1. Probation on a first DUI will get you 48 hours in jail, as well as 3 years probation, license suspension fines and alcohol classes. The DUI may trigger a violation of your present probation but it is difficult to say since I have no idea what you are on probation for.

  2. The DUI will most likely be a probation violation of your previous offense-"to obey all laws". The DUi will get you a minimum of 48 hours in jail, or more depending on what your BAC level was. In addition you will be hit fines, alcohol school; license suspension. You need to contact DMV within 10 days of your arrest to request a hearing. Get an attorney.

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  3. In most cases your probation, even to the court, would have the conditions not to violate any law. If the court that you are in probation is in the same county in CA, then in most cases the court will find out about it.

    I am not licensed in VA

  4. Depends. Most counties will handle the DUI case and the probation violation (if one was filed) together if you picked up the DUI in the same county as the probation violation. It makes a difference if you are on misdemeanor court probation or felony supervised probation. You should consult with an attorney who is familiar with the county that you got arrested in so that you can get an idea of what to really expect.

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