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On ard which is over in a month and a half and received another DUI while still on ARD and weed in my system. In bucks county

Newtown, PA |

I crashed my car but no one but myself was injured in the crash and no one was hit but me. I am also a medical professional so I don't know how this will effect me from getting my medical license in other states

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  1. I don't practice in Bucks, so I can only make suggestions based upon my experience in the western part of the state. Before I get to that, allow me to suggest that you hire the very best DUI defense attorney you can afford who does practice in your county. I also strongly suggest that you post a question to the "Licensing" Practice Area to get some insight into the professional licensing aspects of your situation. The new DUI charge will likely result in revocation of your ARD case. That means it will go back to essentially "square one" where you will have the options of entering a guilty plea or fighting the charges in trial. The new offense will count as a second offense. You need qualified criminal defense counsel to help you with the problems you are now facing. Don't waste time on the Internet. Start interviewing candidates for the job immediately. Good luck.

  2. Mr. Jones has it exactly right. Retain a criminal defense attorney with expertise in DUI cases. You have a lot at risk here so you need to get your affairs in order. Good luck.

  3. Mr. Jones and Mr. Keller have provided you with good advice. Now that it is clear that you have counsel, address your concerns with him. Good luck.

  4. All of my colleagues have provided sound advice. Make sure that you hire an experienced attorney who not only knows their way around the Bucks Co. system but also has an office in county.

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  5. I think you should immediately stop posting information about your case on this public forum because anyone can read it. Mr Busico is an outstanding attorney and he will be able to advise you about the entire case.

    The above is a general answer but should not be considered specific legal advice for your case.

  6. First, stop posting info about your case online because it can be used against you by the prosecutor, if they link it up to you and if they ask for any written info you've put out there. Second, Bucks is brutal on DUI's. From my experience Bucks County and Delaware County are the toughest of all the local counties on DUIs. Third, you need to hire an attorney to vigorously defend this because you will have little chance of getting any medical license in any state and if you have one in PA, you will likely have it suspended if you are convicted.

  7. Everyone who commented is clearly on point. You should also check with your relevant professional board for reporting obligations, if any, for situations like yours. If there is a self help section with your professional board, or professional association, I encourage you to embrace it. ARD and another DUI while on ARD is not coincidence, it could be a sign of bad things to come, so get help now. Best wishes.

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