On a first offense hit and run felony,dwl misdemeanor,dui misdemeanor could i possibly get probation and fines or community hour

Asked almost 2 years ago - Sarasota, FL


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  1. David Ashley Haenel


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    Answered . It is always possible that you could get probation but on the charges you listed above the big thing for the state attorney is the extent of the injuries to the "victim". If the victim is seriously injured you may have a tough time getting the state to offer a non-jail offer. In addition, any good lawyer who does a lot of DUI cases would want to know if the person has any prior convictions for DUI and why was the license suspended. There are always issues to explore in any case and making sure the state attorney can prove all of the elements of all the crimes is critical.

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  2. Annemarie Rose Rizzo


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    Answered . Probation will definitely be part of any sentence you receive for those types of charges if ultimately convicted of those charges. However, with those types of charges it is possible there will be imprisonment followed by a probation term to complete mandatory punishments by law. There are many defenses available to these types of charges and I highly recommend you contact an experiences DUI/criminal traffic lawyer in order to discuss the specific facts of your case, defense strategies and what your best options are. Do not wait too long as some crucial evidence in your case can be preserved by your lawyer before it gets destroyed that could help your case.

  3. David Richard Damore


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    Answered . I agree with Atty Haenel

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  4. Charles K. Kenyon Jr.

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    Answered . Probation is likely, possibly with jail as well. Restitution will be a major component.

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