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On a default divorce case do i check boxes 1, 2 and 3 on fl-141? What is box 4 for? she defaulted, there's no agreements at all

Hayward, CA |

my proof of service was served in 2002, and now i'm trying to get a judgement

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  1. Look at box 4c. You are entitled to waive your right to receive a final disclosure and it relieves you of the duty to provide one to the opposing party.

    If you need further assistance, contact a local attorney, perhaps one who agrees to do it 'low-bono'

    Good luck.

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  2. If process service was in 2002, or your proof of service was filed in 2002, you had better check to see whether or not your case was dismissed pursuant to the 5-year rule requiring diligent prosecution to judgment. Look up your case summary on the Court's website to determine whether or not it was dismissed. If the case is still viable, on the FL-141, 1) you are the Petitioner; 2) fill in the boxes to show how and when your PDD was served on the other party; 3) do the same re your FDD; 4) is inapplicable if the Respondent defaulted. Consult with an experienced Family Law Attorney regarding what you need to do to complete the case, or go to the Superior Court's Self-Help Clinic for assistance from a volunteer lawyer.

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