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On a background check does a "dismissed" imply a prior conviction?

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if there is an arrest and then a dismissal does that imply a conviction or could that mean a "not guilty" judgment?

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  1. Cases can be dismissed for insufficient evidence without first suffering a conviction. That would not automatically mean "not guilty", although I suppose that is entirely possible. If there is an arrest, conviction and then a dismissal it probably means the court agreed to expunge the conviction.

  2. No it doesn't. If it says "Dismissed Pursuant to 1203.4" then it does, but just a notation of "Dismissed" does not suggest a conviction occurred per se.

  3. A dismissal can happen for various reasons. However a dismissal is NOT a conviction and it is not a not guilty verdict.

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  4. Dismissal does not mean there was a conviction and it does not mean not guilty.

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  5. depends if it was dismissed pursuant to PC 1210, 1203.4., etc.

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