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On a 3 years jail sentence how much time do you have to do

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Time on 3 year jail sentence

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There are not enough facts here to help you out. It depends on what they were charged with, what enhancement paragraphs were added, and the criminal background of the one sentenced. It will depend on their behavior while incarcerated. It is up to the parole board to determine when to release an individual. I do not have enough information to tell you what his parole eligibility date would be.

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Jail or prison? Jail is up to the sheriff's department in your county. Prison is up to the parole board but when he becomes eligible depends whether it's an aggravated case.

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A 3 year sentence indicates this is a felony charge, therefore time would have to be served in prison (Texas Department of Corrections). Misdemeanor sentences are served in the local county jail. If the charge is a "3g offense" and/or includes the word "aggravated," the defendant must serve at least 50% of the sentence before he/she can be considered for parole. Otherwise a defendant can be considered for parole after 25% of his/her time is served. In Tarrant County, judges give credit for the days spent sitting in the local jail after arrest. So if the defendant spent 6 months in the county jail before he/she pled, the defendant would have to serve a minimum of 3 months in TDC before any opportunity to go before the parole board - if the crime is not aggravated. (9 months is 25% of 36 months.) For an 3g/aggravated offense, the defendant would have to serve at least 12 months in TDC after sitting 6 months in the county jail following arrest. (18 months is 50% of 36 months.)

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