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Old misdemeanor warrant

Orlando, FL |

how do I take care of a misdemeanor warrant for a bad check? It is more than 20 years old, but I plan to move back to Texas and want to clear it up.

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If the warrant is from Texas, you should contact a Texas attorney for the best advice.

Off hand, there may be a statute of limitations defense to be made depending on how and when you learned of the warrant. Otherwise, pay off the check, if possible, either to the original victim or the prosecutor's bad check division and have a lawyer in the jurisdiction try to get the prosecutor to drop the charges upon proof of payment or allow you to plea, in absentia if necessary, in exchange for a withhold of adjudication and time served. Be aware that there will be other costs involved.

These options depend on the jurisdiction, the policies of the prosecuting office, your prior record, and other factors. But, generally, everyone wants this case off the books I would assume. A show of restitution or a SOL challenge might to do the trick. Good luck.

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There could be a statute of limitations defense like there is in florida but if the warrant is out of texas then texas law would apply. seek a lawyer in texas and perhaps they can get the warrant dismissed or withdrawn. good luck to you!

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Warrants have their own life span, so don't confuse warrants with speedy trial and/or statute of limitations.

If the warrant is from TX, then hire a TX attorney to address the warrant in court. I would suspect that your TX attorney can show up with you in court and have the warrant either withdrawn or have the warrant it served on you, but released on your own recognizance.

My advice would be to pay for the bad check, including any outstanding fees and costs, BEFORE you go in front of the judge to address the outstanding warrant. Also, your attorney should talk to the prosecutor beforehand, in that way, the prosecutor will be on board as to what your attorney is trying to accomplish and won't object.

Good luck

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