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Okay so when i was 13 i dated a 17 year old i got pregnat he is pending charges for it and they have been pushing the date back

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is that a good are bad thing...and also scince i was a willing participant how long could he go away for/????

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  1. I hope the young man has a good criminal defense attorney already. If he doesn't urge him to get one and provided any assistance you can. the answers to these questions will come from such an attorney who has available all of the evidence. Good luck.

  2. Delays are common in criminal matters. If he has a lawyer and you are trying to help you need to talk to that lawyer.

    In the end your willingness is not a factor. It just changes the charge. If you were unwilling he could be charged with rape. If you were willing but under age the charge is statutory rape. Your willingness is not a defense to statutory rape.

  3. Delays are common and often helpful to the defense, and while your desire to cease the prosecution is taken under consideration, don't expect the charge to be automatically dropped.

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  4. aggravated sexual assault has a range of punishment of five years to a life sentence. The 17 year old is entitled to a fair trial and the court is permitted to give him continuances to prepare for trial or to continue the case due to other trials. It is unclear as to whether you are trying to assist the defendant or whether you are upset that the case doesnt seem to get to trial fast enough to your liking.

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