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Okay....So today I got a ticket for riding a bike without a helmet and I gave fake info to a motorcycle police?

Oxnard, CA |
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But he bought it and actually gave me the ticket with the fake name but it has the real address what's going to happen ?Im 17 and I don't know what to do now ?Am I in trouble?what about when I get the ticket in the mail what should I do then ?Ignore it?

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You created a potential problem for a matter that could have easily been dealt with. You should get an attorney an discuss this further - rather than on this board.

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Stop posting incriminating information and secure a criminal defense attorney .

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Do not post further information. Do not speak with law enforcement about this incident (or anything else in the future - next time present them with proper ID and refer any questions to an attorney). Don't talk about this incident to anyone except a criminal defense attorney. If law enforcement approaches you about this incident, do not say a word. Again, hire an attorney asap.

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What a tangled web you've weaved... You've created a very difficult situation for yourself. When you receive the ticket in the mail, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in the area who can sit down with you and help you plan out the best way to deal with this.

Do not post anything else on a public forum. Your communications with your attorney are private and will help you.

Good luck with this.

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