Ohios workers comp a few questions.

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I was recently claimed partially disabled and go tot he doctor theis week to determine impairment rating. I am sure I will be laid off because I cannot climb a ladder or carry one anymore. I was not sure what my options are. After settlement and being laid off can I claim unemployment, or what options are available? I am not wanting to necessarily get a lawyer for the settlement portion because I luckily have not had any problems and do not anticipate having any in the future, but I would be more than happy to talk to one for advice.

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    Answered . Attorneys Bollinger and Connell have given you good advice. You need to consult with a workers compensation attorney and discuss the value of your claim. There are many different types of benefits which you are entitled to before you settle.

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    Answered . Under Ohio law the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation and/or the Self-Insured employer have NO obligation to tell you what you are entitled to. In fact, they are prohibited from giving you legal advice. Most claims never settle in Ohio (98.5% don't, 1.5% do) and the average settlements are low ($10,000 was the average in 2011). Permanent Partial Disability in no way means you can't work and is in no way a settlement. If this is a BWC exam, then 19/20 the doctor will be very conservative and pro-employer and spend < 5 minutes examining you. You have appeals rights and can greatly increase this award with the assistance of an attorney. There way also be as many as 5 other workers' compensation benefits you have not tapped into given the little you describe. Find yourself a Ohio State Bar Association Board Certified Workers' Compensation Specialist in Cincinnati, there are several and get a no cost, no obligation appointment to determine your rights.

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    Answered . The adjuster will be totally delighted if you choose to negotiate settlement without the help of a lawyer.

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    Answered . You can talk to a lawyer and get advice on settlement. An attorney has a better chance of knowing the full value of the case and will not believe the adjusters numbers without proof

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    Answered . Recognize that you are saying you want the benefit of an attorney without paying a fee. You say that you have "not had a problem" but you have no idea whether you have been treated fairly, under the law. You cannot make an informed decision without knowing your options. Only your attorney is going to take the time to explain how the law benefits you.

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