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Ohio resident with a ticket in East Lansing, MI

East Lansing, MI |

Hi, I'm a grad. student at MSU. I came up here in Aug. 2009 and live in East Lansing but have an Ohio license as I'm just going to school. I was just pulled over for a red light violation;I paused but did not come to a complete stop at a red light.
Some questions...
1)Do the points go on my Ohio driving record?
2)Is there anyway for me to take traffic court to erase the points?
3)How likely is a court to reduce it down to no points and pay the fine and court costs? Better to plea guilty or no contest? I have one failure to yield in the last two years on my record(how far back can the court see?)
4)The cop spelled my last name wrong--any luck arguing that?
5)How much would court costs be? What risks do I have if I lose?


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Whether the points would transfer to Ohio would depend on Ohio law and whether there exists a similar statute or ordinance. If this is a case being handled by the East Lansing City attorney, they are pretty flexible depending on your Master driving record. If it is a case with the Ingham County prosecutor, that is a different game. Fines and costs will depend on how the case is finally resolved

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