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I am currently involved in a magazine subscription through a reader's service that I purchased over the phone some years ago. They have recently called me to notify me that I have about 3 more years worth of payments and when I said I wanted to cancel, they told that it was not possible because they have prepaid the subscriptions. I do not want these magazines nor can I afford them due to the economy and me losing my job. They seem unwilling to cancel the contract and now i am stuck witht he payments. Under NY law, are verbal contracts enforceable or is there any way I can get out of this contract? Any feedback would help.

Brooklyn, NY -

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Robert Roth

Robert Roth

Real Estate Attorney - Brooklyn, NY

Oral (not "verbal" by the way since almost all contracts contain words) contracts are sometimes enforceable if they meet the requirements of a contract and the facts of the making of the contract can also be proven.

In your case, if the company is located in New York City you can get help from the Department of Consumer Affairs. If elsewhere in the State, from the NYS Attorney General's Office.

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