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Nurse malpractice case?

San Francisco, CA |
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On Tuesday 11/26/2013 a nurse administered me two vaccines: the flu shot and a pneumomax vaccine. The day after, I started getting sick and the pneumovax injection spot started getting very red and swollen. I called and they told me to take ibuprofen and ice the wound.

The same night I started feeling terrible and went to the ER and was diagnosed with cellulitis. I tried to treat at home with antibiotics with no sucess and was admitted at the hospital on Thanksgiving day 11/28/13. Its been 4 days and im still fighting the severe infection at the hospital. All nurses who saw it told me the injection should have been done in muscle, not in my fat tissues.

I'd like the dr office to cover the hospital bill for the cure of the infection caused by the I have a case?

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    If your infection was caused from improper injection you will have a case. However, the infection could have occurred as a result of you leaving the injected area open and getting bacteria under the skin. Also, if you are diabetic or have weak immune system you will be more prone to these types of infections. So, it is not clear cut by any means. Your records should be reviewed in order to make a determination.

  2. Where were the injections done? You don't say and that's a key fact.

    You may have a case. You could consult a local malpractice lawyer.

  3. You can certainly have a local lawyer investigate. Avvo has a "find a lawyer" tool to locate a top-rated Avvo lawyer with a low contingency fee. Good luck.

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