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Notice to vacate because of property sold.

Miami, FL |

I received a notice to vacate by landlord b/c condo was sold. He told me before new owner might rent to me. Now that has changed. He sold property due to COA putting lein on condo for nonpayment. Which also caused me losing gate pass and free access on property. Is there anything I can do? I responded to his notice detailing our discussions and communications. He never gave me 30 or 60 day notice until now and now its a 3 day notice. I have been here for 3 years.

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A landlord can not just throw you out. If you have a lease, he must abide by the lease. If you are on a month to month lease, then he must give you 30 days notice at which point then you must leave. The fact that he sold the unit while renting, he must disclose this to the new owners who in turn must abide by the laws for eviction. They must give you 30 days notice to vacate the premises. Conact Legal Aid and the police, if your landloird trie to drive you from your home by threats, harassment, or other self-held eviction meansures. ONLY A JUDGE CAN ORDER YOU EVICTGED AND ONLY THE SHERIFF CAN PUT YOU OUT. Landlords may not change your locks, move your property out or cut off utilities etc.

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