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Not valid for employment and DACA ?

Heber City, UT |

I got approved for DACA and I already have a ssn with the words printed on it not valid for employment so my question is will my new ssn from this DACA law will it be the same number I already have or will it change ?

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    You do not need to change the number, but you should apply for a new social security card which says that it is valid for employment if accompanied by a document issued by the DHS providing you with employment authorization. Please see

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  2. A person is only supposed to get one Social Security number in his or her lifetime. If you had a Social Security number before you applied for DACA, you do not need to get a new one. You should use the same Social Security number to work, now that you have been approved for DACA and have a DACA Employment Authorization Document. If you provided the old Social Security number to USCIS when you filed for DACA, USCIS should have notified the Social Security Administration that you now are approved to work under the terms of the DACA program. If you want, you can go to the nearest Social Security office and show them your new DACA work permit, and confirm that your status has been updated within the Social Security records system. If you have lost your old Social Security card, they will issue you a new one with the same number--but it will also state "not valid for employment without DHS authorization." You cannot get those words removed from the card until you get your "green card," or Lawful Permanent Residence (or US citizenship).

  3. This is an excellent question that is asked to me when I conduct outreach to the immigrant community.
    Please make copies of your existing card as SSA will likely take your old card when you meet with them.

    Your SSN has that on there as an alert to potentail employers that the SSN states you cannot work.
    Its the I-9 rules and who an employer fills in the proof information.

    DACA has with it an employment authorization card (EAD) thus you will need to meet with SSA and get the caption changed. To quote SSA, [t]he third type of card bears, in addition to the individual's name and SSN, the legend VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION. We issue this card to people with DHS permission to work temporarily in the United States."

    Good luck

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  4. It is generally the same number. It may depend on what number you put on your form when you filed. I would recommend checking with the Social Security Office. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact my office. Best of luck to you, and congratulations on your approval!

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