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Not sure where else to ask!......Should I call the police about a gang member??

Seattle, WA |

A guy on Facebook is talking about how he's in a gang, "GD Folk (Gangster Disciples)" He posts things referring to his gang, and even implies that either himself or members of the gang have shot and killed 3 rival gang members. If I printed all of this out and showed it to police, do you think that they would take it the least bit seriously?

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  1. It may be a good idea for public safety in the community if gang membership and criminal activity is reported to the police. Someone who is posting involvement in criminal activity online may be fabricating it, or it may be real. If you report it then the police can decide how to handle it. If you are concerned about your own safety you might consider reporting it anonymously, perhaps printing the information out and mailing it with a note to police, explaining your concerns.
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  2. It is not illegal to be a gang member; most gangs don't advertise on Facebook; and you are probably asking the wrong crowd here.

  3. Will the police taking it seriously? Probably not. Unless there is some specifics as to crimes the person has committed or is about to commit, I can't see them doing anything at all. One thing about the internet is there is a vast chasm between what people post on facebook and other social media sites verses what is true in reality. I wouldn't get yourself worked up over this as if the person is actually in a gang and talking about it like they are on the internet, it won't be long before they post some self-incriminating picture.

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