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Not sure if i had a warrant out for my arrest then got stopped for a dui

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if i had a warrant for my arrest from an infraction ticket and got stopped for my 2nd dui would they hold me in jail the night i got the dui? or would they hold me in jail of the day of the arrigment what usually happens in a situation like this

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Really need more in formation to answer this question. First, generally warrants are not issued on traffic tickets, they impose civil assessments instead of warrants. Need to know what jurisdiction . You should have been able to bail out of jail ater the arrest



the officer cited me for an open bottle container infraction ticket, but never showed up to court last year in 2012. then last week i got my 2nd dui. i was just wondering when my arrigament comes which is in a couple of months will they hold me in jail because of my warrant? if i do have one? or the night i got caught with my 2nd dui they should of let me stay in jail longer? because i only spent the night in the tank to sober up


It depends on many factors not included in your question. You should call an AVVO lawyer so they can better answer the question.


It depends on many other factors, but it is quite possible to be held in jail the night you receive your second DUI. Having a warrant for failure to deal with the infraction is not taken lightly by the court. It's a sign of comtempt and disrespect so expect a difficult time from the court. My suggestion is to take care of the infraction ticket immediately.

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