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Not having a fair jury

California City, CA |

Everyone is against me except the truth...I've been convicted of violating my probation and now have to await sentencing....I went to sentencing and the judge didnt want to sentence me but sentenced everyone else...he wanted the judge that found me gilty sentence me...why was this option available,and the judge was actually waiting on the judge to come which he didnt.shouldnt that been a misdemenor bench warrant..they claim he had another attend

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  1. "Everyone is against me..." will not lead to an attitude that helps you evaluate your case correctly. A probation violation can be sent back to the original sentencing judge; nothing wrong with that. Get an attorney.

  2. Your post makes no sense. It's lead states, "Not having a fair jury" then the post is devoted to matters relating to a probation violation. In any event you reveal you have counsel. Unless you are prepared to pay for private counsel, the answers to all your questions must come from your attorney of record. Good luck.

  3. I completely understand the feeling that everyone is against you. Being arrested, on probation and then in court for a violation, you must have been repeatedly mistreated and sometimes it can feel like the world is against you. I don't have an answer for you (since you didn't really have a question), but my advice is to make sure that you realize that there are constructive and destructive ways to handle a situation. As Mr. Kaman stated, that's not the attitude the judge wants to see. Be polite, even apologetic and do not do anything to anger someone who can (believe it or not) be even more against you.

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