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Non profit association mobbing ?

Eugene, OR |

What one may pursue when facing unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual (or group) while being associated in the same non profit association? What may be pursued if 1) this resulted in a false report to a board that resulted in a suspension; or 2) this resulted in information theft - passwords, etc.

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If someone has engaged in repeated contact with you that makes you afraid for your physical safety, you can file a petition for a Stalking Protective Order with the court. You would have to show that, in the past six months, this person had at least twice done something that made you afraid for your safety, or the safety of a family member. That fear must be objectively reasonable, as determined by a judge. If you get the Order, then the restrained person will have the right to contest it. They can ask you to go to court and prove that your allegations are true.

That's the only recourse I can think of. The courts are not generally good at resolving interpersonal disputes like this.

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What does the fact that there is a non-profit have to do with your question? If you are being harrassed, call the police. If you are being financially damaged, sue the person who caused the damage.


I don't fully understand the question, but call the police, explain what's going on and see what remedies are available to you.

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