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Non biological fathers rights

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im suing my ex for custody of our daughter. I am on her birth certificate but my ex and i have believed someone else was the dad since she was 1. i lived in the household til she was 2 years old. I do not pay court ordered child support but have helped out here & there from the time she was born. i have an attorney but need another's take on it. I asked my ex to let me see our daughter for a few days but am not giving her back until we go to court. i was advised by my attorney to do so. the mother has asked to see her but im afraid she will try to keep her and i will never see her again because she is asking for a dna test. do i have any rights since im on the birth certificate? what will the judge do? i make more money than she does and she is a stay at home mom & lives with fiance

they also have a kid together. since they are not married does that look better on my part because i am married and have a house? i have had our daughter a month now and have unenrolled her in the school her mother put her in and put her in a school in my zone? was advised by attorney to do this so when we go to court it will look as if the daugther has been livng with me. i do have a history of domestic violence with the mom but i know she does not have proof. and its been three years since a domestic violence situation. she cant prove anything to the judge. thanks

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I am sure your attorney has discussed the significance of your name on the birth certificate as you may be the the presumptive father of the child. Your attorney can advise you how to proceed.


Unless you are having problems with your attorney and are actively seeking another attorney, you need to discuss this issues with him or her. Best of luck to you.

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