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Noise violation fine that is a major hardship to pay.

Santa Cruz, CA |

police cited me at my home for noise . the noise was people talking too loudley outside my home after 10pm in a common area on the side of my house . The common area is also used by a 5 unit apartment building . The common area is in between my house and the apartments . Police arrived and ordered everyone to break it up . the 4 people that were visiting my home came inside . There were around 6 or so people not visiting my home that did not move . Police knocked on my door blaming me for the people that would not quiet it down and give them , the Police the respect that they deserve . I explained that it was a common area and could not be responsible for the people not visiting me . I went to court , pleaded not guilty and have a march2013 court date . Can I represent myself

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Yes, you can represent yourself. You can ask for the public defender, but I am not sure that you are entitled to such representation for the charges. Ask, and they will let you know.
If you lose, and a fine is imposed, the court will probably let you make payments, or do community service.
You may want to talk to a local criminal defense attorney just to make sure you are not doing anything to put yourself at risk.

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