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No proof of insurance ticket.

Federal Way, WA |

I was wondering if there was anyway to fight this bogus ticket I got tonight for no proof of insurance. I got pulled over for something so stupid its sad. i drove less then five feet out of a parking light before i relised my lights where off but then the cop chose what to give me a ticket for. Basicly what i wont to know is if the ticket will hold in court since without a reason for me to be pulled over in the first place i shouldn't have been ticket for no proof of insurance. The ticket should have another reason on it because there is no way for an officer to know if i have or do not have insurance so if i get a ticket just for that there should be another reason and since there is no other reason then the ticket should be thrown out. Someone please help me becasue this really upsets me and i feel like my rights are being messed with.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. An officer has discretion on whether to issue you a notice of infraction (ticket), and if you have more than one violation, the officer can cite you for only one violation if the officer so desires.

    A no insurance ticket is a nonmoving violation. If you had insurance but did not have proof on you, you can get the ticket reduced substantially. If you didn't have insurance and get insurance a day or more after you were cited, many courts will still reduce the fine.

  2. No reason for you to be pulled over? You were driving without your lights whether you think it's 5 feet or 5 miles. Once stopped the cop has a right to check driver's license, registration and insurance. If he only wrote you a ticket for the latter that's his choice. Would you have preferred 2 charges instead of te one you got?

  3. If you own the car, you are responsible for ensuring that you maintain continuous insurance coverage on that vehicle. As long as you have a plate from DMV, you must maintain insurance. Only after you surrender the plate can you cancel the insurance.

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