No oral or written rental/lease agreement, Can I be evicted for none payment of rent ?

I have been living with my brother and sister for the last 9 years. My sister and parents own the house. I have just received a notice of terminate of tenancy . Prior to this I was given a 3-day pay or quit.My brother and I have never been asked to pay rent or utilities, Yet im the only one to be evicted.

Anaheim, CA -

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James Carl Eschen III

James Carl Eschen III

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Santa Cruz, CA

If you have no rental agreement, then your parents and sister cannot demand rent from you.

But, since you are living with the owner and you pay no rent, you essentially have no rights. You are what the law calls a gratuitous licensee, or a long-term house guest. Your parents and sister can ask you to leave at any time.

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