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No one seems to have an answer. "who" actually calculates release date after court.

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The transcript seems to be clear my son will be released on or before Nov 15 2013, however the computer system per CWP states April 2014. Who is responsible, after sentencing, for actually calculating a release date, and how do I (or his attorney - who doesn't seem to be able to answer this question) go about correcting an incorrect release date?

I am desperately seeking your advice on this matter and appreciate your response and assistance I have or original transcript - and after 7 years working as a duediligence officer for the Federal Government, I assure you, I know how to read this document. What are the chances, once I present this information - that they will consider it, and correct the release date

Attorney Answers 3

  1. The release date is controlled by the facility in which he is housed. After sentencing, and the calculation his custody credits, the court no longer controls when he will actually be released. That is why no one, including his lawyer, can give you an exact date. If you or your son want clarification on the release date, contacting the facility is probably the best way to find out why they have listed the date they have.

  2. Contact the holding facility for the definitive release date.

  3. The sheriff’s department typically runs the jail and they are the ones that determine when he is released. The information provided by the court is simple guidance.
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