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No money to pay traffic violation ticket

West Los Angeles, CA |

WLA traffic violation. I've no money to pay for it even after the extension. What should I do? It went from $459 to now $1029. I've no way to pay it. I'm currently in US on a p-1 visa? what can or should I do?? I've called the court and they gave me a court date.

Thanks! It was a ticket from jan 10. And I did went to court and plea not guilty. I also wrote to the judge cuz I wasn't able to attend the second hearing. And I asked for extension. The thing is I wasn't able to pay even after the extension. I called the court a day before the deadline and told them i've no money to pay. They then raise the $459 to $1029 and give me a court day end of this month. So I just wondering since I've already given extension would I be able to arrange payment plan.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. If you have a question about your immigration status, you need to talk to a immigration lawyer. As to the traffic ticket fine, when you go to court, you can ask the court to make arrangements for payment of the fine. The court might allow you to make payments or to do community service in lieu of payment.

    However, make sure that, whatever you do, it does not adversely affect your immigrate status.

    Good luck!

    This is not legal advice. In order to get legal advice, you need to retain a lawyer and establish an attorney client relationship. So, talk to your lawyer!

  2. Based on your question it is difficult to know whether you actually had a ticket and failed to appear (FTA)- or went to trial and now cannot pay. Knowing W LA I assume you have not dealt with your ticket and received an FTA. I would suggest you enter a plea of not guilty and get a trial date. Consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney. Although your financial resources are low, an attorney might be able to get your cased dismissed or get reduced fines. In any case, in the event you have to pay a fine you will be able to get on a payment plan. Call me with any questions.

    Andrew Roberts
    (818) 597-0633

  3. You will be OK. Just explain yourself. The Judge will help you. But it is important that you go to court. This ticket will have no effect on your immigration status.

  4. It sounds like you never appeared on the ticket. You now may have an FTA, failure to appear, which can be a misdemeanor and can affect your immigration status. The Judge may be willing to reduce the FTA to an infraction and give you a payment plan or community service to reduce the fines and allow you to do traffic school. Or you could request a hearing and talk to some traffic attorneys in the area where your case will be heard. Good luck.

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