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No hot water....

Chicago, IL |

My landlord shut off my water heater with no warning. They told me, After they shut it off, it was because my water heater was connected to their gas line instead of mine. Iv been here over six years but they claim to have not known it was connected that way. I have no access to it at all. Im guessing they are trying to lower their gas bill and thats fine with me but am i supposed to live with no hot water until they get a plumber to fix the pipe lines? They claim to have it done soon, but its been connected that way for years and thats not my fault so shouldnt the proper way to rectify that be to leave it on until the day the plumber actually come out!

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Contact your city building inspector immediately. This could even be deemed an emergency. you may have other rights under the Chicago Residential Landlords and Tenants Ordinance.

  2. It is likely your landlord violated the ordinance so hire a lawyer and report to the building code department.